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Score a goal trading Manchester United

Stock traders and football fans alike anxiously awaited the opening bell on Monday before Manchester United (MANU) manager Jose Mourinho announced that 23-year old French midfielder Paul Pogba has officially signed a reportedly £140M contract with the Red Devils. This move is being touted as the most expensive acquisition in the history of professional soccer.
The massive transfer fee expected from Man U for Pogba should bring English Premier League club spending this offseason to over £600 million ($780 million). According to some experts, the league is well on its way to breaching the £1 billion cap for the first time before the European transfer window closes later this month.
This announcement makes now a great time to trade MANU.

You can join them.


What traders should know about MANU

  • MANU controls its own live soccer content, giving investors revenue generating opportunities both online and offline
  • As soccer’s popularity continues to grow in the U.S. and Asia, the Red Devils have positioned themselves to expand commercially while generating broadcasting income.
  • A more lenient sponsorship contract with Adidas AG has allowed for Manchester United to boost its brand through both e-commerce and retail outlets
  • Credit Suisse announced that Manchester United’s price per share represents an ‘attractive valuation’
  • The team’s value currently stands at $3,317 M (£2,233 M) with an Operating Income of $190 M (£120 M) and a debt value of 20%.